FireSafe Systems is licensed to provide a variety of specialty firestop contracting services. Our experienced personnel can provide contracting for new construction, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

BB Gallery Pic 01 - Top of CMU Wall Firestopping

Your certified FireSafe firestopping technician will:

  • Coordinate with project managers and subcontractors to install firestopping correctly
  • Ensure your firestopping meets all local, state and national standards.
  • Provide you with a firestop solution that works within your specified budget
  • Certify Firestop systems
  • Perform onsite inspections of firestopping materials
  • Document and log firestop inspections

We have extensive experience in AHCA and the Joint Commission inspection.

No project is too big or small.

Products used:

    • 3M
    • HILTI
    • STI


FireSafe Systems is a leader in the application of Fireproofing coating. For years we have used our experience to offer consistent, reputable, and quality work regardless of the job size or budget. FireSafe will fulfill your job requirements using cutting-edge equipment and application techniques.


Types of Establishments we’ve fireproofed include:

  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/Universities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sports Complexes
  • Residential Condo & Apartment Buildings

Types of Fireproofing Spray on materials we utilize:

  • Solvent & Water Based
  • Cementitious Fireproofing – Wet Mix
  • Intumescent Paint

FireSafe offers on-site survey and estimation based on your establishment’s needs. Providing you with fast and effective installation is our goal.

Fire Wrapping

  • Fast & Efficient Installation per UL-Design
  • Certified Installers
  • Code Compliant Systems
  • Air & Grease Ducts
  • PVC Pipes in Open Plenum
  • (BDA) Bi-Directional Amplifiers